Hors Circuit: Out Circuit.....izvan Kruga.....

Hors  Circuit: Out Circuit.....izvan  Kruga.....

Auteur : Ivo (Ivan) Trog (Trograncic),ivan Trograncic
Genre : Livres, Actu, Politique et Société, Grands conflits et géopolitique,
Lire : 3744
Télécharger : 3120
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Hors Circuit: Out Circuit.....izvan Kruga.....

We live in Electronic Era. All around us, everywhere...except in deep stone caves, are flying in the air called also ether, bilions of radiosignals, radiofrequencies, basicaly for precise ...Radio, Television or technical transmissions...but some of these signals are capable to be used to attack precisely our body, our nerves, our individuality as free man. Something artificial is picking you around heart combined with a subliminary voice on internal ear level repeating..."infarctus.....infarctus... ?! You look around and nobody is there...how is it possible...or maybe you are enough sensitive to imagine, that you are victim of heartattack ?! How many individuals falled into bed with impressions to be ill...victims of criminal radiomanipulations ...thats Electronic Era ! When you are enough inteligent to feel something artificial in the air and you resist, than the ...criminal occult gangs will try to drive you to become emprisonable with some artificial antena...metal plombed teeth, ring on finger, watch, mobitel-cell phone . Than it is possible to have radiodriving frequencies near you, near your nervous system, listening what you say, what you listen, what you do...and even they may radiosuggest you what to do...to fall into family problems, to start living hell everyday ! Sure if you are resisting only, because if you approuve what is done even if its not honest, you are their guy, their boy, their slave. But if you resist finaly you must know how to be free, how to conserve your natural freedom. We have in History 18th century, a period known as Mesmerism, based on the name of an austrian doctor Mesmer, who tryed to use electromagnetic effects from natural magnets and the first known electrostatic effects, to establish the "medical methods called...magnetisme animal "as therapy for all possible health troubles ?! Mesmeristic methods were declared...dangerous and inacceptable...by the French Medicine. But these electromagnetic-physic effects on body, continued to be used by...criminal minds, cheaters, manipulators, most of them being members of occult-secret groups, massons and radiesthesists. Later with evolution of technology, electronic weapons are secretely used...to kill opponents in combination with medicaments. We live Electronic Era, we try to survive in such conditions even if some artificial minds, robotised, are used as indirect executors teledrived...as well known...drones. I am sure that you will never accept to be robotised-inconscient to be drived to kill someone...but do you know how to conserve your freedom ?! More than a book, its the historical real explanation what happend in past and what may push you artificialy into criminal trapp where you may die with other planifyed victims by these antidemocratic monsters ! This first book starts to open your mind, because of real historical facts...you have to know History to be capable to understand what may happend in your future. Thats also the reason why i integrated into the book, four modern methods to defend yourselves in todays.....Electronic Era...to stay alife ! I do not have interests that majority of you, ignore what is realy happend around them in everydays life...because we all need help of someone understanding the real situation in the place at precise moments ! If you feel emprisonment of mind into a place, get out on fresh air. Later when you will know enough, you will be abble to resist and stay in place, disturbing plans of the gangs target...to expulse all other candidats ! What a nice live we have in Electronic Era...if we are capable to discover the modern gangsters and killers, the war makers, using artificial manipulations to eliminate opponents?! Good luck...fighters for freedom ! Ivo Trog

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