Hamlet: Arden Performance Editions

Hamlet: Arden Performance Editions

Auteur : William Shakespeare
Genre : Livres, Art, Musique et Cinéma, Arts du spectacle,
Lire : 2652
Télécharger : 2210
Taille du fichier : 14.69 MB
format : PDF, ePub

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Hamlet: Arden Performance Editions

The young Prince Hamlet, returning from university, finds his Kingdom in disarray: `something is rotten in the state of Denmark'. With his father dead, and his uncle and mother marrying, Hamlet is confronted by an armored ghost, who, claiming to be the King, implores him to enact revenge upon the newlyweds and restore order to the realm. Yet, Hamlet's ability to act conflicts with his will to think: curing the rot and stabilising the kingdom will unleash a series of tragedies that threaten to ruin his entire family. Arden Performance Editions are ideal for anyone engaging with a Shakespeare play in performance. With clear facing-page notes giving definitions of words, easily accessible information about key textual variants, lineation, metrical ambiguities and pronunciation, each edition has been developed to open the play's possibilities and meanings to actors and students. Designed to be used and to be useful, each edition has plenty of space for personal annotations and the well-spaced text is easy to read and to navigate. Each edition offers: - Short, clear definitions of words - Information about key textual variants - Notes on pronunciation of difficult names and unfamiliar words - An easy to read layout with space to write your own notes - A short introduction to the play

Leçons Sur L'histoire

Leçons Sur L'histoire

Auteur : Raymond Aron
Genre : Livres, Sciences humaines, Philosophie,
Lire : 1638
Télécharger : 1365
Taille du fichier : 9.07 MB
La Saga Des Sorcières - Tome 1 (Best)

La Saga Des Sorcières - Tome 1 (Best)

Auteur : Anne Rice,annick Granger De Scriba
Genre : Boutique Kindle, Ebooks Kindle, fantasy et horreur,
Lire : 2886
Télécharger : 2405
Taille du fichier : 15.98 MB
Le Shell Bash

Le Shell Bash

Auteur : Cameron Newham,bill Rosenblatt
Genre : Livres, Informatique et Internet, Systèmes d'exploitation,
Lire : 1014
Télécharger : 845
Taille du fichier : 5.62 MB
Le Déclin De L'art De Cour

Le Déclin De L'art De Cour

Auteur : Norbert Elias,roger Chartier,antony Burlaud,barbara Theriault
Genre : Livres, Dictionnaires, langues et encyclopédies, Encyclopédies et dictionnaires thématiques,
Lire : 2028
Télécharger : 1690
Taille du fichier : 11.23 MB
Le Monde Des Morts 1

Le Monde Des Morts 1

Auteur : Isabelle Haury
Genre : Livres, Fantasy et Terreur, Fantastique et Terreur,
Lire : 1560
Télécharger : 1300
Taille du fichier : 8.64 MB